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        Just like return to the embrace of nature care for your family choose non-toxic and radiationless KARINA quartz, can protect your family from the threat of radiation and toxins. KARINA will help you build an environmentally friendly and safe space. 

        Foshan Marianna Building Materials Co.,Ltd introduce domestic and foreign advanced equipment for further processing, including automatic polishing machine, cutting machine, circular plate production line, CNC water jet, CNC machining center, bevelled machine, edge finishing machine, crescent slot machine, processing in variety of ways, novel style, including not only the normally processing of Begonia angle, groove edge, bevelled for surface and back French side, 1/2 round edge 1/4 round edge, a variety of different specifications of square and round column for the construction of internal and external wall dry hanging all kinds of European style cabinet board, wash table panel series, and special-shaped cutting, water jet pattern, waistline, relief and steps, to provide various personalized choice for decoration, to meet the different needs of decoration.

Installation and maintenance of Quartz Stone 


1.Apply water repellent on the surface and four edges of the stone before lying. 

2.Apply to clean and sound concrete substrates only. Level the substrate with concrete, and then lay the tile with white adhesive(4-6mm), which is specially for installing stone. Thickness of the adhesive is suggested to be between 4-6mm. In this way, its viscous force and pull force are very strong. 

3.Use colored filler to fill joints. The advantage is that the edges of joints won’t crack, while at the same time rich in elasticity, and it won’t cause color difference and pollution to the stone edges, either. 


1.Normal stains on the surface can be washed away with neutral detergent, basically the stains can be removed completely. It’s suitable to have the surface cleaned once a week. 

2.Serious stains can be completely removed by polishing, using polishing powder and 3M White Slurry-cake.

3.For daily maintenance, apply the newest Q1 Quartz stone Anti-fouling Crystal Wax on the quartz, and polish the surface with 3M White Slurry Cake is enough. Normally the effect keeps 7 to 10 days (depending on the traffic flow).

4.Besides Q1, there is an alternative for Quartz stone Anti-fouling Crystal Wax-Q2, Q2 can remove the stains from the surface; while at the same time have a polishing effect. The process is simply by using 3M White Slurry-Cake to spray and polish the surface twice. After removing the stains, use Q1 to spray and polish the surface once again. The process increases the quartz’s glass, and improves its anti-slip function too. 

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